I guess I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. I was in my office at the house one Saturday afternoon and I happened to look up at my picture of my Grand mother, Grandmother Beatty. It was her 90th birthday party and I had knelt down beside her and someone snapped that shot. I had it enlarged and framed. I say I shouldn’t have done it because I had one of those “touchy feely” moments and I left my desk to get closer. I looked real intent on her face and hair. I retrieved my reading glasses to get a better look, a detailed look. I studied her eyes, her mouth, nose, her skin her hair. I shouldn’t have done it because it was then that I began to remember her death. July 1998. Then the thought came “Oh my goodness, it’s been nine years.” thinking over what I’ve missed and the years gone by began to, well let’s say, work on me. To stop this longing, hurting whatever you want to call it I said to myself, “wait a minute it’s not about the past and missing her it’s about the great reunion we’re going to have one day soon.” Whew! I felt better instantly. Instantly – because it’s true. It’s the hope of the gospel that we’ll see our loved ones again. There is nothing wrong with reminiscing the past, thinking on good memories of loved ones that have gone on but don’t “morn as those who have no hope” it’s not about the past, it is about a glorious future we have.

Focus on the positive, the hopeful, the future. Look to the heavens my friends and there you will see in your mind the face of Jesus. Study Him, look intently into His face. Study His heart, His glory, His character, His passion and long to be with Him.