Mission – Park Spring Christian Camp

Park Springs Christian Center
Website: www.parksprings.org
This is our Christian Church/Church of Christ camp for young people in Providence, NC near Yanceyville.  In 2014 the camp hosted 519 campers and there were 13 baptisms that took place at the camp and 15 other spiritual decisions.   BCC sent 12 young people to camp and offers scholarship for attending to sponsor each child.   Park Springs also provides retreats for ladies, men, ministers, and seniors and deeper life. In 2014 they hosted 21 retreats for 1099 people including ministries we support like CCF ASU and CCF (ECU, UNC, UNCW & NCSU).

This is their fourth year for Mission Zoe.  This program involves recruiting high school and college age students for intensive training, serving and studying during a 6 week session.  Nine young people participated this year and Mid Atlantic Christian University and Johnson University provide staff as well as scholarships to folks who complete the program and want to further their education at those schools.

In the past few years they completely rebuilt the pool and updated the main building for use year round. In 2015 new Camp Manger Donald Davis, from Pinedale hopes to install guttering on the retreat center, update the camp kitchen, and improve the zip-line and campfire areas.