I was out early with a cup of coffee walking to a neighbors house one day recently. We had met the day before and he had asked for a business card. He said, “put it in my mail box” so I was on the way back that early morn when I heard it. A rooster was crowing. It brought a peace and a laughter. I guess it was because in the midst of suburbia, a little down-home filtered through and it made me glad. You know what I mean…in the midst of traffic, rows and rows of housing there is this farm animal crowing and bringing memories of “yesteryear”, childhood, country living. It was a feel good moment. But it also reminded me of a not-so-feel good moment. The time in the bible when Peter denied the Lord three times on the night before Jesus died on the cross. Jesus told Peter that he would deny him three times before the cock crowed in the morning. “Shoot fire” it did and “By cracky” he did.

Friends, that was a tough time in Peters life and it would be in ours as well. My question in closing is… “does the rooster crow bring back good memories for you or are you dealing with some denial issues in your walk with the Lord?”