Same ‘Old Tricks’

We must remember that in ministry we can’t live by the “same ‘ol tricks” idea.

Meaning: we can’t do ministry like we always have. We learn a certain way and think… “I’ve got this down pat”, “I’ve been there and done that”, so we apply old ways to new situations.

Many times it just isn’t going to work.

It applies to me. I’ve been in ordained ministry for 29 years this November and I believe that if anyone can come into a new situation and try to apply “old tricks” or traditional wisdom it isn’t going to work, if God is trying to get your attention, let Him have His way. Isn’t that the key? Letting Him have His way?

Moses was told to strike the rock to bring water to the Israelite Nation. He did and it did. What a glorious miracle resulted. The next time he needed to bring refreshment to the people, God said, “speak to the rock” and it was as if Moses said, “I’ve got the trick in the bag, I’ve been there and done that, I’ll just strike the rock.” Bad decision.

I appreciate what Bob Russell said in his book, “When God builds a church”. It’s principles and methods may not work in your neck of the woods the way they did in Bob’s ministry but the principles he shares in his book, he says, will work anywhere.

But understand this, when God wants to work He may choose to work in a different way, method, mode, principle, whatever. It is totally up to Him. I know you know that. But as a reminder, what project are you working on? What area of ministry are you trying to move in? What great faith venture are you praying for God to bless you with? Humble yourself, back up, back off, and pray for God to take over. Wait on the Lord to move in your ministry. Easier said than done.

The other day, my son Chad, wrote me an email and quoted the text of Zachariah 4:6. “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” One of my favorite text.

If you think (never in an arrogant way) that I’ve got the resume, the experience, the know how, the principle, the method, I’ve got this down pat, then watch out!

Let me save you a lot of time. Pray.

Seek God, ask Him to move in your ministry, let Him surprise you. He will, even if it’s just to teach you patience.

It is by His Spirit says the LORD.