Allied Churches of Alamance County
Website: www.alliedchurches.org
This is a local community outreach to the homeless and jobless.  They provide overnight shelter and operate the Good Shepherd kitchen to provide meals to large number of people each week day. Their three dormitories have 102 beds (48 for men, 24 for women and 30 for families).  In 2014 they sheltered more than 638 people including 61 children.  They also served more than 81,502 meals at the Good Shepherd Kitchen after adding dinner this year. They fed about 158 for lunch and 94 for dinner every day.

In January Allied Churches began a new partnership with a new Food Pantry in Mebane.  The Manna Market began distributes groceries at First Baptist Church @ 301 S. Third St. every third Tuesday of each month from 10 AM-1 PM.

Allied helped an average of 32 people/day at the Drop in Resource Center where folks came to get assistance, job services and resources, distributing over $158,000 for emergency assistance this year.

In 2013 they opened a Food Pantry and in 2014 served approximately 608 families or 1423 people groceries each month.  They distributed over 663,900 lbs. of food from 9/9/13-6/30/14.  They accept food donations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-3 PM on site and at Holly Hill Mall Monday-Friday from 10 AM-12PM, 3:30-6 PM and on Saturday from 12-4 PM.  Food is distributed Monday-Friday from 3:30-6:00 PM.

Beacon House USA-PC & Heather Cline
Website: beaconhouseghana.blogspot.com www.beaconhouseghana.org www.clinefamily.us
PC & Heather Cline, the missionaries from this congregation who have served for over 22 years in Ghana West Africa help operate Beacon House.

Beacon House operates a home for high risk and often times, abandoned children in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.  They typically serve approximately 35 children between the ages of 0-15 years.  They use a network of individuals who, through their work, become aware of children that have lost their parents and have no immediate family to take them.

They strive to educate each child according to their individual need; however, the majority of the children attend class on site.  Various Christian home school curricula are used.   The children have daily Bible lessons, devotions, and prayer and attend a local church near the present orphanage location.  In addition they are trying to help support 19 children in their schooling with fees.  For one child, it may run $230/term X 3 terms for Books, Food, and transportation.

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) @ Appalachian State
Website: www.asuccf.com
In 2014 ASU has had 9 students die, some related to drug overdose or suicide.  This highlights the need for outreach to young people who need Jesus in their life.  The Dean of Students at ASU recently approached the campus ministers for help in reaching out to students. He recognizes, to his credit, that campus ministries provide safe and encouraging communities in which students can involve themselves. He said last semester that the counseling center is overwhelmed with requests for services, and that students are having an increasingly difficult time navigating through the many issues and stresses of life.

Jim Musser, the campus minister recently shared, “There are many reasons why I believe campus ministry is so important, but the most crucial at this time is because so many students are coming to campus without direction, purpose, or a sense of value. They are lost and it is showing.

One of the most encouraging things they have seen this year is our students’ willingness to reach out to their peers, not just the ones they have come to know, but those on their dorm floors and in their classes. Even nearing the mid-semester point, we still have new students coming to our various activities because they are being invited. Our mission on campus is to make disciples and to reach the lost. Thankfully, I believe we are succeeding. They have study groups led by students and trained by staff.  Students continue to be impacted from Bible teaching, accountability groups, and a student was baptized at their fall retreat held at Park Springs Christian Center.”

They also offer two mission trips a year and other service opportunities to show God’s love to others.  Over Spring Break, (March 7-14), they will be working with Restoration Atlanta, a ministry to the poor and homeless. As of the printing of this newsletter, 15 students are registered.  After the conclusion of the school year, Kelsea will lead six students on a 10-day trip to Dublin, Ireland where they will participate in an after school program, help lead a camp, and assist a ministry on a university campus.

“We are discovering our niche in ministry to international students is getting to know them well enough for them to feel comfortable to ask questions about our faith. Jessica, Kyle, and Marianna, along with several American students are building these relationships through providing weekly rides to Walmart, taking them to places around Boone where they never been, and helping them speak better English. In the process, friendships are being formed and opportunities presented to tell these students about our Lord Jesus and demonstrate His love for them. We praise God for this expanding ministry!”

CCF ASU is seeking to raise additional funds in order to maintain providing housing/insurance stipends to our Associate staff. They brought Kelsea on as Women’s Minister in August and have been able to pay her because of their staff vacancy. With the hiring of a new Men’s Minister, this will leave them short again. Their goal is to raise an additional $725 per month. They have a campus visit for a candidate coming soon and ask for our prayers.

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF)
Website: www.campuschristianfellowship.org
CCF is a ministry to college students on the campuses of UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Wilmington, NC State and East Carolina University.  Each school has its own campus minister also has its own website.  This congregation helped start CCF at UNC and it will turn 40 years old in 2016.

NCSU When spring semester comes to an end, we will celebrate eight students’ graduations. Two of them, Iris and Nick, were baptized during their time with CCF. Two more, Max and Michael, will be heavily involved with the local church when they graduate. Max is already leading worship at his local Raleigh church, and Michael will be helping with a church plant in Charlotte.

At the start of last semester, CCF at NCSU was intentional about plugging our students into small groups. Since January, CCF has launched five small groups.  Right now there are about 30 students in our ministry that come to events like our midweek worship nights; and of those, 16 are investing in small groups. Most of the small groups are studying the Bible, but a couple of them meet to discuss a faith-based book.  Along with opening up and talking about God’s truth for our lives, these small groups are incorporating accountability and encouragement.

UNCW An event we hosted called “Why Jesus?” started Feb 4th. Each Wednesday for 3 weeks we had different speakers share about what Christians believe and help answer some of the harder questions that students seeking God might have.

ECU There is a new girls’ accountability group going on with 8 students. They are going through the book of Luke. One girl is studying about baptism, while another was baptized over Christmas break.

UNC-CH Please pray for the campus minister, Dean Owens, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in November.  Dean is 37, has a wife and two young daughters ages 6 & 8.  After treatments his lymphoma is gone, praise God!   He has endured several serious complications….blood clots, spinal fluid leak, etc.  He has had several good weeks of late.  His treatments will continue into June.   The accountability groups, or Grow Groups, have grown from 1 guys’ group to 2 guys’ groups and 1 girls’ group over the past few months. Grow Groups are designed to multiply and they are on the path to continue doing just that! Each lady in our girls’ Grow Group is partnering with another lady and will soon be bringing them into new Grow Groups led by myself, Bethany, and Gabrielle; and two of these groups are led by students!

Central India Christian Mission
Website: www.indiamission.org
Ajai Lall grew up in a Christian home where his parents served the Lord faithfully in full time Christian Ministry.  He and his wife, Indu, began Central India Christian Mission in December 1982.  The mission has grown from two to over 780 full time workers and has planted over 1100 churches in Central and Northern India and the countries of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.  The primary focus of CICM is Evangelism, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Medical Ministry, Disaster relief, Vocational Training and Church Planting. In 2014 their ministers report that they have planted over 152 new churches, had over 51,000 decisions, trained 350 Christian leaders, cared for over 5,000 children in the Children’s ministry, including operating 5 children’s homes and helping support over 500 widows. In addition the medical center treated over 60,000 patients/year in the medical ministry.    Our own minister, Creighton, visited there 2 years ago on a 2 week mission trip and had a great opportunity to preach and share the gospel with our brothers and sisters in Christ in India.  Glen Liston is the Interim US Director.

Ajai received a B.A. in Criminology from the State University of Central India in 1982.  He earned his M.A. Degree in Humanities from the State University of Central India in 1984 and his Ph.D. in Public Administration from the Central India State University in 1990.  He earned his D.Min from the Institute of Theological Studies and Research, Kerala, India on March 10, 1999. He has written four Christian textbooks and edited others that are widely used by Hindi speaking Christian leaders, teachers, and evangelists in India.

Indu Lall was also raised in a Christian family.  Her parents gave about 36 years of service in the Christian Leprosy Mission.  Indu directs CICM’s children’s ministry.  Her published writings include five Christian textbooks, six Bible quiz books, Sunday School and VBS curriculum, various tracts and the first Children’s Bible in the Hindi Language.

She received her B.S. Degree in May 1981.  She attended Mid-Atlantic Christian University (1981-1982).  She then earned her M.A. in Sociology from State University of Central India 1992.  She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University in Central India in 2000.

Family Christian Church in Eden, NC
Jesse Vaughn, minister
In 2016 we began supporting an African American church after recommendation by Walter Thornton, Creighton Beatty and other area ministers who knew Jesse Vaughn from their area preacher’s bible study. Jesse graduated from former Winston Salem Bible College and decided after many years of working in non-profit ministries while serving in the church to dedicate his life to full time ministry. Jesse has been able to reach folks in the Eden area and in August they celebrated their 3rd anniversary. BCC gave $1000 to put a screen monitor their sanctuary to assist in worship to keep from having to use printed handouts.

They continue to have new guests and work on discipling through home Bible studies. They recently added a Saturday morning prayer time to their weekly outreach on Thursday night, Sunday school teaching class, as well as by-weekly children’s ministry. They are planning to start a recovery house for addiction later this year.

International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES)
Website: www.ides.org
I.D.E.S. mission is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ by partnering with Christian Churches / Churches of Christ and their missionaries.   These projects fall into one of five focus areas for ministry: 1) Disaster Assistance, 2) Hunger Relief, 3) Medical Care, 4) Development and 5) Evangelism.  In 2014 God’s love was shown to those who are hurting in 36 foreign nations as well as several regions across the USA on 268 projects through 158 mission partners.

Their website has a complete list of projects with pictures to let you know how your giving has impacted others.  Each month with our gift receipt they send a prayer calendar showing projects that they sponsored.  They continue to want to do more and relocated their headquarters in January 2014.  This allows them more space for expanding the food packing ministry, a larger space for producing storage buildings for disaster, and a better site for connecting to their volunteers.

Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU)
Website: www.macuniversity.edu
This university, located in Elizabeth City, NC is continuing to make an impact for Christ.  Students take on the exciting work of preaching, teaching, counseling, leading youth, directing non-profits, and serving on the mission fields.  It has impacted us in a very positive way as our own minister is an alumnus.  Indu Lall with CICM also attended there.  The graduates are in 48 states and 25 foreign countries and one territory.  They have two foreign “Sister Schools”; one in India and one in Thailand.   Each student majors in Biblical studies but can choose any of 19 different areas for a double major.  Seventy-eight percent of their male students who graduated in the last 3 years is involved in full time ministry.  This University makes training to serve Christ in any vocation their priority.

Mission Haiti
Pator Jean Kenel Many
Here’s a look at the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which struck January 12, 2010. The earthquake measured 7.0 magnitude.

The Toll:
220,000316,000: estimates of the death toll vary  300,000: number of injured  1.5 million: people initially displaced

55,107: displaced people remain as of September 2016  3,978: number of schools damaged or destroyed by the earthquake

And the people of Haiti continue to dig out of the rubble to this very day (January 2017). The government has been very slow to help the common people of the country. Churches and business were destroyed and people had to move out of the city area into the hill country and smaller towns. Work is hard to come by, the water is contaminated and the health issues mount.

Pastor Many is a man of God on the mission of God for the people of his land. Pastor serves as the president of the mission called; Mission Chretienne Du Nouveau Testament

The Mission was established in May, 2004 by Pastors Jean Kenel Many and Wilfrance Pierre. It is based with the aim of contributing to the development of the Kingdom of God in Haiti and throughout the world. It is recognized by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Haiti since May, 2006. The foundation of the Christian Mission of the NT answers the command of the Holy Master that is, “go by everybody and preach the good news has all the creation”

The Mission consists of several churches throughout Haiti and schools. The Projects vision is to purchase property and build a village where there will be: Church building – School of Theology (Bible school) – Professional School – Orphanage – Hospital – Guest House – Library – School of Higher Education (University).

Pastor Many family – Wife-Ruth, Daughter-Nyllie

Mailing Address:  Pastor Jean Kenel Many 59, Rues La Victoire et Pastel, – Lamentin 54, Carrefour, Haïti ( W.I )

Facebook – Help Hati:  https://www.facebook.com/Help-Haiti-206349949418024/

Park Springs Christian Center
Website: www.parksprings.org
This is our Christian Church/Church of Christ camp for young people in Providence, NC near Yanceyville.  In 2014 the camp hosted 519 campers and there were 13 baptisms that took place at the camp and 15 other spiritual decisions.   BCC sent 12 young people to camp and offers scholarship for attending to sponsor each child.   Park Springs also provides retreats for ladies, men, ministers, and seniors and deeper life. In 2014 they hosted 21 retreats for 1099 people including ministries we support like CCF ASU and CCF (ECU, UNC, UNCW & NCSU).

This is their fourth year for Mission Zoe.  This program involves recruiting high school and college age students for intensive training, serving and studying during a 6 week session.  Nine young people participated this year and Mid Atlantic Christian University and Johnson University provide staff as well as scholarships to folks who complete the program and want to further their education at those schools.

In the past few years they completely rebuilt the pool and updated the main building for use year round. In 2015 new Camp Manger Donald Davis, from Pinedale hopes to install guttering on the retreat center, update the camp kitchen, and improve the zip-line and campfire areas.

Waypoint (New Church Planters)
This church began with the help of PEF (Piedmont Evangelizing Fellowship), which helped provide BCC a loan for our building in the 70’s. PEF later became Envision which merged with VEF to form Waypoint. Churches started with help from Waypoint are reaching more than 8,000 people on any given Sunday from NC up to Maryland. Over 25 new churches in the past 25 years were successfully planted and have an average weekly attendance of 314 with 529 baptisms or an average of over 16 per church. They are in the process of planting new works in Columbia Heights near Washington DC; one in Jacksonville, NC; and Knightdale, NC. Waypoint provides support for existing churches in ways to make the most of their facilities for guests, greeting, leadership development and connecting to other churches. Waypoint  hosted a preaching seminar for the area here at BCC on 3/8/17 with over 41 area ministers meeting for personal development.