Beacon House

Beacon House USA-PC & Heather Cline
PC & Heather Cline, the missionaries from this congregation who have served for over 22 years in Ghana West Africa help operate Beacon House.

Beacon House operates a home for high risk and often times, abandoned children in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.  They typically serve approximately 35 children between the ages of 0-15 years.  They use a network of individuals who, through their work, become aware of children that have lost their parents and have no immediate family to take them.

They strive to educate each child according to their individual need; however, the majority of the children attend class on site.  Various Christian home school curricula are used.   The children have daily Bible lessons, devotions, and prayer and attend a local church near the present orphanage location.  In addition they are trying to help support 19 children in their schooling with fees.  For one child, it may run $230/term X 3 terms for Books, Food, and transportation.