CCF Appalachian State

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) @ Appalachian State
In 2014 ASU has had 9 students die, some related to drug overdose or suicide.  This highlights the need for outreach to young people who need Jesus in their life.  The Dean of Students at ASU recently approached the campus ministers for help in reaching out to students. He recognizes, to his credit, that campus ministries provide safe and encouraging communities in which students can involve themselves. He said last semester that the counseling center is overwhelmed with requests for services, and that students are having an increasingly difficult time navigating through the many issues and stresses of life.

Jim Musser, the campus minister recently shared, “There are many reasons why I believe campus ministry is so important, but the most crucial at this time is because so many students are coming to campus without direction, purpose, or a sense of value. They are lost and it is showing.

One of the most encouraging things they have seen this year is our students’ willingness to reach out to their peers, not just the ones they have come to know, but those on their dorm floors and in their classes. Even nearing the mid-semester point, we still have new students coming to our various activities because they are being invited. Our mission on campus is to make disciples and to reach the lost. Thankfully, I believe we are succeeding. They have study groups led by students and trained by staff.  Students continue to be impacted from Bible teaching, accountability groups, and a student was baptized at their fall retreat held at Park Springs Christian Center.”

They also offer two mission trips a year and other service opportunities to show God’s love to others.  Over Spring Break, (March 7-14), they will be working with Restoration Atlanta, a ministry to the poor and homeless. As of the printing of this newsletter, 15 students are registered.  After the conclusion of the school year, Kelsea will lead six students on a 10-day trip to Dublin, Ireland where they will participate in an after school program, help lead a camp, and assist a ministry on a university campus.

“We are discovering our niche in ministry to international students is getting to know them well enough for them to feel comfortable to ask questions about our faith. Jessica, Kyle, and Marianna, along with several American students are building these relationships through providing weekly rides to Walmart, taking them to places around Boone where they never been, and helping them speak better English. In the process, friendships are being formed and opportunities presented to tell these students about our Lord Jesus and demonstrate His love for them. We praise God for this expanding ministry!”

CCF ASU is seeking to raise additional funds in order to maintain providing housing/insurance stipends to our Associate staff. They brought Kelsea on as Women’s Minister in August and have been able to pay her because of their staff vacancy. With the hiring of a new Men’s Minister, this will leave them short again. Their goal is to raise an additional $725 per month. They have a campus visit for a candidate coming soon and ask for our prayers