CCF  UNC Chapel Hill

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF)
CCF is a ministry to college students on the campuses of UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Wilmington, NC State and East Carolina University.  Each school has its own campus minister also has its own website.  This congregation helped start CCF at UNC and it will turn 40 years old in 2016.

NCSU When spring semester comes to an end, we will celebrate eight students’ graduations. Two of them, Iris and Nick, were baptized during their time with CCF. Two more, Max and Michael, will be heavily involved with the local church when they graduate. Max is already leading worship at his local Raleigh church, and Michael will be helping with a church plant in Charlotte.

At the start of last semester, CCF at NCSU was intentional about plugging our students into small groups. Since January, CCF has launched five small groups.  Right now there are about 30 students in our ministry that come to events like our midweek worship nights; and of those, 16 are investing in small groups. Most of the small groups are studying the Bible, but a couple of them meet to discuss a faith-based book.  Along with opening up and talking about God’s truth for our lives, these small groups are incorporating accountability and encouragement.

UNCW An event we hosted called “Why Jesus?” started Feb 4th. Each Wednesday for 3 weeks we had different speakers share about what Christians believe and help answer some of the harder questions that students seeking God might have.

ECU There is a new girls’ accountability group going on with 8 students. They are going through the book of Luke. One girl is studying about baptism, while another was baptized over Christmas break.

UNC-CH Please pray for the campus minister, Dean Owens, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in November.  Dean is 37, has a wife and two young daughters ages 6 & 8.  After treatments his lymphoma is gone, praise God!   He has endured several serious complications….blood clots, spinal fluid leak, etc.  He has had several good weeks of late.  His treatments will continue into June.   The accountability groups, or Grow Groups, have grown from 1 guys’ group to 2 guys’ groups and 1 girls’ group over the past few months. Grow Groups are designed to multiply and they are on the path to continue doing just that! Each lady in our girls’ Grow Group is partnering with another lady and will soon be bringing them into new Grow Groups led by myself, Bethany, and Gabrielle; and two of these groups are led by students!