When I was 17 years of age I went on Hunter Airfield in Savannah Georgia. My dad was a lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force in the area of communication. On this occasion he took me out to look over the operation. Everyone looked at me. I went to the latrine and as I went I would look in the rooms along the way. Men would look up from their desk at me as I passed and I felt they were thinking “what are you doing in here?” I would, for the most part stay close to my dad and say, “I’m with Him”.

Years later while preaching a Revival in Hampton, VA I got to go on Langley Field on the NASA portion. A Gentleman from that congregation worked there and showed us around from the cafeteria to the computer room. We even saw in these massive building 2 large spheres where pilots go and electronically have “dog fights” in a jet simulator. We went through some areas that if our Christian friend were not with us there was no way we would have been aloud to see the things we saw that day. If anyone would have said anything to us, questioning our reason for being there, believe you me, I was prepared to say, “I’m with Him”.

One day you and I will die and leave this old world. Then we will face Almighty God, the creator of the Universe. There we will have a guide Jesus Christ and I’m going to stick to him like a hand in glove. When we face the Judge of heaven and earth, all we’ll need to say is, “I’m with Him”.

My whata difference a relationship with Christ makes. Turn your life over to Him today and then you may say, “I’m with Him”.